Solutions tailored to your needs

We manufacture GRIP FIX™ especially for YOUR needs


Our goal is simple: to make products that are appropriate for your requirements. Send us samples of your packaging materials and we will then develop the GRIP FIX™ product tailored to your individual palletizing needs. We carry out a battery of tests and adapt the physical and chemical properties of our anti-slip agent (e.g. adhesion strength, max. exposure time, setting time, repeat adhesion performance etc.) to best suit your packaging materials. Naturally, the resulting appearance of your product is taken into consideration as well.

Test our BAG FIX™ systems at your site


We are not the only ones who test. You too can test. We will make a BAG FIX™ system available for your testing purposes for 4 to 6 weeks. Convince yourselves of the suitability of our palletizing safety equipment for your production environment. You only pay a portion of the total actual expense involved.