What is GRIP FIX™?

GRIP FIX™ — palletizing adhesives

Our palletizing safety systems are based on GRIP FIX™ palletizing adhesives.


GRIP FIX™ anti-slip agents are water-soluble, solvent-free adhesives for securing pallet loads. The pallet loads may be PE bags, paper bags, cartons, cellophane-packed items, PP woven bags or small packages.


How does GRIP FIX™ work?

GRIP FIX™ is applied in small quantities to the pallet loads before they are palletized. After a short drying time, the pallets are stable and remain so until they are unloaded again.


And the secret to all of this? High shear strength and very low peeling strength are achieved. The pallet loads do not slip but the packages can be easily separated. In general GRIP FIX™ leaves no residue after depalletizing.


How to use GRIP FIX™?

Using GRIP FIX™ is very easy, thanks to our quick-connector system. Regardless of whether our palletizing adhesive is supplied from a canister or a drum, the container can be connected very easily to the system with the quick-connector. This produces a closed system: no dirt can enter the container, the anti-slip agent remains uncontaminated and is unable to dry out. In addition, you do not have to bother with refilling.


One other advantage for you: depending upon your requirements, we supply our GRIP FIX™ in various container sizes, ranging from a 1 kg hand-held bottle through to a 1,000 kg container.