Solving Problems

Problems which you can avoid by using GRIP FIX™


Transport damage

In 2001 the Central Association of the German Insurance Industry tallied claims in the transport insurance sector at around 1.7 billion euros. In addition to increasing insurance premiums, this trend also impacts negatively on the image and customer satisfaction of the transport sector and both general industry and trade.


GRIP FIX™ palletizing safety systems produced by H. Rand GmbH ensure that your goods do not become an insurance claim.


Pallets secured with GRIP FIX™ remain stable during the palletizing process, on the way to the stretch wrapper, during transport, during order picking and in the distribution center. Slipped pallet stacks in need of restacking which involves major effort are a thing of the past with GRIP FIX™.


Pallets secured with GRIP FIX™ do not slip even if the contents of the packages are not stable, i.e. when transporting granulate-filled PE bags or bottles in cartons. Transporting goods secured in this way reduces complaints and saves the hassle to take back goods.


Mountains of packaging waste

In 2001 transportation and secondary packaging increased in quantity by 2 percent in comparison with the previous year, which contrasts with the trend in sales packaging. Approximately 47 percent of these packaging materials had to be further sorted before recycling. This costs both time and money.


The GRIP FIX™ palletizing safety systems from H. Rand GmbH allow for the waste-free securing of pallets. The GRIP FIX™ adhesive leaves no residue and is biodegradable and the goods are not damaged during depalletizing. This saves you the mountains of waste which are produced, for instance, through the use of shrink film, stretch film, covering cartons, pallet sheets and straps.


So if you want to transport goods safely, protect our environment and also save money, GRIP FIX™ is the ideal product for you.